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Why Woodland?

One only needs to visit to feel the answer to this question. Daytonians have several outstanding cemeteries from which to choose. What makes Woodland the right choice?

Woodland is Forever

We have 172 years of history... we estimate that we have unsold burial space sufficient for over 100 more active years of service.


When deciding on a cemetery, ask yourself, "What will this look like in 100 years?" Woodland is permanently endowed as a self-contained, self-sufficient and self-endowed park. We add to our $18 Million Endowment everyday, with every purchase. We like to say:"Woodland is Forever."


We are not "Corporate." We're not "Proprietary" and we're not "Denominational". Due to the wisdom of the Dayton community leaders who Founded Woodland in 1841, we exist only for the benefit of our lot-holders.

The Beauty of Woodland

Visit us. Take a tour. 3,000 trees. 10,000 monuments. Hundreds of critters. Sit on a bench. Walk through the Civil War section. Go up to the "Look-Out." The beauty and tradition washes over you... seeps in to you and drenches your soul... Woodland becomes a part of you!


As enchanting and secure and forward thinking as Woodland is, these attributes pale in comparison to the dedication and wisdom of our people. Graves are dug, monuments are set, records are kept, projects are commenced, all with a long term view rarely exhibited in business and commerce today. Our staff is a part of something... contributing to history; to the Dayton legacy; Guarding those in their care; providing a permanent and fitting memorial to lives well lived.

Yes, we are a part of something big, and permanent, and worthy, and important - the permanent care of the family burial grounds for 104,000 of your loved ones.

Yes... we care.