Online Prearrangement

Why Pre-Arrange?

Somebody has to make hundreds of decisions in a matter of hours... To whom do you wish to assign this task? Many people practice avoidance and leave these decisions to people who are ill-prepared... especially on the worst day of their life... the day their loved one died. We think, and thousands of Woodland families think, there is a better way.

Why Should You Pre-plan?

Why Should You Pre-plan? Life is more complicated now than ever! Family members live in different parts of the country. Dealing with government agencies can be frustrating, and inflation is felt by every household. Planning ahead prevents emotional overspending and protects your family’s interests. Nine reasons to plan ahead:

  • Family "Matter" vs. Family "Crisis" - Arranging today, before death, is handling a "family matter". Arranging at the time of death is dealing with a "family crisis". Which sounds better? More responsible? Kinder?
  • Lower Costs - Prearrangement allows you to pay for tomorrow's services at today's cost. By locking in the cost today, and making decisions in a calm, measured environment, you'll save money.
  • Inflation Proof Guarantee - When you pre-pay, we place funds in a trust fund to cover the future cost of goods and services selected, whatever it may be... regardless of inflation and price increases.
  • Easy Payment Plan - We offer 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 month payment plans depending upon the amount of the purchase and the amount of the down payment. These plans can be financed at only 4.9% APR.
  • Tax Free Growth - The growth in our pre-need trust fund is tax free to you. You will not receive a Federal W-2 or 1099 form.
  • Protection from Nursing Home Costs - Unlike other investments (including cash value of traditional life insurance) that you own, the dollars you place into a correctly structured pre-need trust plan will not count as an asset if you enter a nursing home. It is exempt from government agencies, private agencies and taxation.
  • No Probate or Delay - When you use our trust fund, your dollars are immediately available to pay cemetery costs. There is NO probate or delay and your loved ones will not have to come up with significant cash or borrowed funds on short notice.
  • Dignity and Peace of Mind - You help ensure that your wishes are carried out with dignity and respect. Before your death you retain the right to change the merchandise or lot location or any of the many decisions you have made. At death, your family will be comforted in the knowledge that they are honoring your wishes.
  • Preplanning is Simple - Our Pre-Need Department is staffed by full time Family Service Representatives who are skilled at presenting information and options to you and your family. The planning conference can be held in your home or ours, whichever is easiest for you. Families can choose the products and services they can afford using "time payment plans". This helps to shelter funds from government agencies and "freezes the cost" of the items purchased. Your family will be protected from price increases and inflation. It's a better way! Call today.


We plan for every rite of passage throughout life: weddings, having a family, retirement. We insure ourselves to protect against fires and accidents. Throughout this website, we have encouraged our visitors to protect their family from having to make hundreds of decisions in just a few brief hours. Advanced Planning is a better way…the best gift you could give to your loved ones.

Where to from here?

  • Scroll and click through the Burial and Cremation "Products and Services" pages on our website in order to familiarize yourself with the options available to you.
  • Call 937-222-1431 and ask to speak one of the Family Service Representatives, or choose one from those listed in the next section and contact that person directly. Or