Monuments / Memorials

Tate Monument

Monuments and Memorials vary greatly in size, cost and quality of both materials and workmanship. Typical materials are granite; marble; limestone; and bronze. Many colors and grades are available for each. Engraving can be single process or "double process." Designs can be flat carved or shape carved. Some materials can be "etched." Woodland offers most markers, uprights and ledgers in "good, better, or best" materials and workmanship. Prices vary for differing levels of quality. Families are encouraged to come to the cemetery and speak with any of our Family Service Representatives in order to fully understand what options are available. Woodland requires that a "foundation" be installed beneath every marker or monument in order to assure long term stability and safety.

10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your Monument From Woodland Cemetery

  • Woodland is perpetual - Our Endowment Fund assures that we will always be in business, in case there is a problem. We like to say, "Woodland is Forever."
  • We are not a "For-Profit" public corporation, nor are we "Proprietary." Woodland is "Non-Profit."Memorials provide one of the few opportunities Woodland has to generate revenue.
  • Woodland handles your needs, both now and in the future, directly through its own office at the cemetery and not from an out-of-town headquarters.
  • Not only do your dollars stay in Dayton, they stay at Woodland. Sale proceeds contribute to the maintenance of Woodland and helps to assure the beauty of your lot forever.
  • Woodland has trained representatives who are familiar with your lot and the types of memorials permitted. We are convenient, and offer a complete range of quality products from the leading manufacturers at very competitive prices.
  • Because we have to be concerned with the appearance and future maintenance of Woodland, our staff will be sure that only the very best material is used for your Memorial.
  • We already know each other. We have helped you during your time of loss. We have already established mutual trust and respect. This eliminates doubt when purchasing your Memorial.
  • Woodland's grounds staff is trained to very carefully handle your Memorial placement. We are responsible if there is any damage in placement of memorials purchased through the cemetery.
  • In the event that a repair becomes necessary, Woodland would know exactly what materials and manufacturer to use.
  • And the most important reason . . .you, and 104,000 Daytonians have chosen Woodland for your loved one's permanent care. It just makes sense to choose us for your Memorial needs as well.

Types of Markers and Monuments Permitted

  • Grass or Flush Marker: These come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials and can be single or double, usually in granite or bronze. Customization and personalization are limited only by size and military or fraternal symbols can be engraved or added. In some cases, pictures or images and even hand written notes can be cast within a bronze surface. An example:

  • Bevels and Slants: Same choices as above, except these usually rise above ground level. More personalization is possible due to larger surfaces. These monuments provide more visibility than grass or flush markers.
  • Cremation Monuments, Estates and Benches: Woodland offers a complete line of bronze and granite memorials specifically designed to hold and memorialize cremated remains. Ask us to explain the inurnment process to you and the many options available. Family Columbarium Estates and Benches provide private family memorialization throughout the cemetery.
    From Left: Niche walls in Mausoleum, Cremation Bench, Soaring Spirit Columbarium

  • Monuments: Sometimes called "Uprights" or "Die and Base." These provide full visibility and exceptional opportunity for personalization. Unique designs can be personally created with verses or prayers engraved. The size and shape of the upright portion provide significant opportunity for customization and personalization, emblems or even etched pictures or scenes.
  • Ledgers: These are generally 3 x 6 ft. and lie flush with the grass. They contain significantly more surface space than most upright monuments and are perfect for added message content and visibility where upright monuments are not permitted. These come in a variety of colors and materials and can be "flat carved" or "shape carved". Ledgers provide a uniquely traditional means of memorialization. Ask your Family Service Representative to show you several samples.

Family Estate Mausoleums/Major Monuments/Oblesques/Angels/Crosses

Over 10,000 major monuments on the grounds at Woodland contribute immeasurably to both the Beauty of Woodland and to the celebration of lives well lived! They are as varied and as creative as the human mind can imagine. Thousands of pictures, drawings, paintings and video's capture forever the memories evoked by these memorials. Our own modest tribute, "The Crosses of Woodland" (Click to view this Award Winning Piece) is but one example of the awe in which these memorials are held. We would be honored to work with you, our quarry representative and/or our manufacturing representative to explore a fitting tribute for you and your family.