Lookout Tower & Columbarium

In 2008, the Woodland Board of Trustees approved a two part development plan to build a replica tower, pedestrian plaza and Columbarium (Phase I - cremation niches) as well as a new ground burial development called Lookout Terrace (Phase II) at Lookout Point, the highest elevation overlooking the city. 

Animation Video:

In 2010, Phase I was completed and dedicated.   It included the tower, plaza and Columbarium (pictured below) with 150 niche fronts and 260 spaces. Nearly half of the niches have already been purchased by our cremation families.

Columbarium Diagram:

The tower was made to be an exact replica of the original. The following show pictures of the site in the 1800's, the 1900's and now:


In 2011, Phase II - the Lookout Terrace - was completed.  Read more here.

1800's Newspaper Drawing