Lookout Terrace

In 2008, the Woodland Board of Trustees approved a two part development plan at the Lookout Point, the highest elevation in Dayton that overlooks the city.  Phase I , the Tower and Columbarium were dedicated in 2010.

In 2011,  Phase II of the Lookout Development, The "Lookout Terrace," was completed and dedicated.  It consists of a terraced walkway with stone walls and fences overlooking the northern slopes of Woodland and downtown.  The Terrace has 82 graves and 8 bench lots. It serves families who prefer earth burial.

Lookout Terrace Ground Development Map

One of the Terrace's design objectives was to assure that it blended perfectly with the Victorian style monuments and features adjoining the new development, so that 20 or 100 years from now, it would not be discernable as a "new" section, separate from the existing monumentation and design.

Thus, three large features are incorporated into the design: Two large obelisks with eight graves each, two on each side; and a nine-foot granite Vase feature, also with two graves on each side. In addition, seven cremation bench lot estates were incorporated into the design along the 200 foot walkway overlooking the city.

Woodland is proud to inform all that we used American granites for all the features and benches. No imports were used.