Landmark Map

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1. Adam, Sr., Dr. Stewart I., M.D.: Prominent Dayton physician whose contemporary memorial is a landmark in the newer section of Woodland...FF2

2. Aull, Nicholas J., 1824-1899: Father of John Aull (Aullwood), interesting monument... N10

3. Beckel, Daniel, 1814-1862: Built Beckel House Hotel and Opera House. Beehive monument...H10

4. Berry, L.M., 1888-1980: Yellow Pages Publisher...Y17

5. Bollmeyer, John Frederick, 1831-1862: Editor Democratic newspaper, supported Vallandigham. Shot to death in street...I8

6. Bombeck, Erma, 1927-1996: Humorist, author, columnist for the Dayton Journal-Herald, her monument is a boulder from Arizona...E12

7. Bowman Mausoleum, the newest walk-in mausoleum on the cemetery grounds...CC3

8. Bronze sculptures, noted sculptor, Karl Bitter, native of Vienna, Austria, created these identical bronze features in 1909; near the lake (U8) and in the new section (CC6)

9. Carter, Mrs. Leslie, 1863-1937: Actress, famous in early 1900s. Scandalous divorce. Associated with David Balasco. Rival of Mrs. Patrick Campbell...K12

10. Chapel, 1887: On National Register of Historic Places. Note Tiffany Window, original, signed...B12

11. City Receiving Vault, temporary holding area for remains when the cemetery was first opened...G11

12. Civil War Section & Flag Retirement Repository...F10

13. Collins, John Alexander, 1815-1878: Locomotive engineer on the Cincinnati-Hamilton-Dayton Railroad, his Obelisk is Woodland’s tallest monument...R8

14. Connolly, John A., 1932-1989: Manager, Midwest Auto Sales Co. Lion monument...Q12

15. Cooper, Daniel C., 1773-1818: Real founder of Dayton. Owned most of the city. Died after straining himself carrying church bell. Donated land for "Old Burial Ground."...J11

16. Cox, James M., 1870-1957: Owner Dayton Newspaper, later Dayton Daily News, other papers, radio/TV stations. Ohio governor ran against Harding for President in 1920...X16

17. Cullum, Allen, 1805-1843: First burial at Woodland. Butler County farmer, member IOOF...L12

18. Deeds, Col. Edward A., 1874-1960: Engineer, entrepreneur. Founded Barn Gang with Kettering. Headed World War I Aviation program. Gave Carillon Park to Dayton...X16

19. Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1906: First renowned black poet in USA...R7

20. Fry, John W., Grinder for South Park Tool Co. Large tree of life monument ...T8

21. Greek Orthodox Section and altar...O18

22. Huffman, William P., 1769-1866: Dayton pioneer; lawyer, banker, merchant, landowner; son started the first street car line in Dayton...F11

23. Jones, Marjorie V., 1917-1975: Insurance Agent, Hieroglyphic pyramid marker. Translation in office...GG4

24. Kettering, Charles F., 1876-1958: Famous inventor: auto self-starter, many inventions and improvements for GM. Charles and family known for philanthropy...D13

25. Lake and Fountain...W9

26. Lawn Crypt"s Soaring Spirit Statue, by Robert Koepnick, 1981...FF6

27. Lookout Point, Columbarium & Terrace, the ideal site for viewing downtown Dayton...K6

28. Community Mausoleum, excellent art glass windows and mosaics. Built in 1969...E14

29. McGuffey, William H., 1800-1873: wife Harriet, and son Charles buried in her Spinning family plot. He is buried at University of Virginia where he was a professor following years at Miami University and University of Cincinnati. He wrote McGuffey Reader...O14

30. McLin, C.J., Jr., 1921-1988: Funeral Director and prominent local African-American politician...P13

31. McMillen, Asa, 1797-1855: Famous angel statue monument...Asa owned and operated a woolen machinery company in the mid-1800's.O12

32. Mead, Col. Daniel E., 1817-1891; Charles D., 1851-1911; Harry E., 1853-1916; and George Houk, 1835-1894: Created Mead Paper empire. Family extremely active in community affairs...R9

33. Morehouse, Johnny, 1855-1860: Died at age five. Most famous statue at Woodland. Often called "Boy and the Dog." Only son of local cobbler family, east side of Canal...G14

34. Newcom, George, 1771-1853: Famous pioneer settler of Dayton. He was from Ireland. Ran tavern now located at Carillon Park. Home was first court...L6

35. Office, National Historic Register, built 1887...B13

36. Patterson, John H., 1844-1922: Bought cash register in 1884 from James Ritty, formed NCR. Social innovator. Organized rescue teams for 1913 flood. Company built boats for flood victims...H6

37. Peirce, David Z., 1813-1853: Cashier Dayton Branch, State Bank of Ohio. Interesting monument with cross and tablets...M12

38. Price Family Mausoleum, founders of the Price Brothers Company...S18

39. Ritty, James, 1837-1918: Inventor of "incorruptible cash register." Sold to Patterson in 1884 for $6,500. Had restaurant and Pony House Saloon. See Bar at Jay’s Restaurant...L10

40. Schantz, Adam, Sr., 1839-1903, and Adam Jr., 1898-1921: Senior was a brewer and Junior was a real estate developer. Both were active community leaders. Famous statue of the son near cemetery entrance...H12

41. Woodland House and Carriage House...D15

42. Soule, Charles, 1811-1869, and family: Father came from Maine; Charles, Jr., son, 1845-1897, and daughter, all artists. Painted many portraits of local Daytonians. Father and son nationally recognized...I8

43. Stanley, Owen, 1816-1892, and family: Gypsies from England. Three Gypsy kings and two queens buried here. Interesting monument...Q11

44. Steele, Robert W., 1819-1891: Son of James, second Woodland President. Lawyer, active in education, Steele High School named for him. With daughter wrote a centennial history of Dayton...M12

45. Stoddard, Henry S., Sr., 1788-1869, and son Henry, Jr., 1861-1918: Father, Henry, Sr., was a successful lawyer. Son, Henry, Jr., built Stoddard-Dayton automobile, was an attorney, and owned Paint and Varnish Co. with brother, John W. Stoddard...L2

46. Tunnel to South Section, built in 1909, restored 1988...Z20

47. Vallandigham, C.L., 1820-1871: The "Man without a Country " Copperhead or Peace Democrat, a foe of Lincoln before and during Civil War. Served in Congress. Lawyer, shot himself at Golden Lamb during a trial demonstration...K8

48. Van Cleve, John W., 1801-1858: Renaissance man: writer, artist, lawyer, map maker, civic leader. Founder of Woodland Cemetery...N5

49. Waldo Street Entrance (The Lodge)...V7

50. Wiedeke, Gustav, 1849-1910: Famous life-size naturalistic monument. Known to startle guards at night. Born in Germany. With sons Gus, Jr., and Otto, had tool company that made furnace boilers...V15

51. Winters, Valentine, 1807-1890: Banker, co-founder of Winters Bank. Woodland Treasurer and Trustee. Grandfather of comedian Jonathan Winters...I9

52. Wood, E. Morgan, 1838-1918: President of Dayton Globe Ironworks became Globe Industries...S7

53. Wright Iris Garden, established in 1996...FF8

54. Wright, Wilbur, 1867-1912, & Orville, 1871-1948: Woodland"s most visited monuments. They invented powered flight, the wind tunnel, a better glider, efficient small engines and better propeller designs as well. It all started with a bike shop...Q8

55. Zeigler, Major David, 1748-1811: Revolutionary war veteran, commanded troops in early Indian wars. First Mayor of Cincinnati...J12