Interment Authorization Procedures

Guide to Helping Families Arrange an Immediate Need Interment at Woodland

1.  The family or person authorized to inspect and approve an interment,  inurnment or entombment location,  must visit Woodland at least 24 hours in advance.  The person signing the Woodland "Interment Authorization Form " must have the authority to authorize interment,  and must approve the location.

2.  If a document is not signed in the presence of Woodland personnel,  it must be notarized.

3.  If the family appoints a "Designated Representative " to act in its behalf,  the family member with the authority to authorize interment must appoint a Designated Representative by completing and signing a notarized "Woodland Limited Power of Attorney. " Only then can a Designated Representative sign the Woodland Interment Authorization Form.

4.  In order to avoid having a family wait until we look up information and make copies and make maps,  or while we finish an appointment with another family,  walk-in appointments are discouraged.  Funeral Directors or family members are encouraged instead to call and schedule an appointment for 9,  11,  1,  or 3pm,  or at some other mutually convenient time.

5.  An "Interment Order " directing the grounds crew to open a space will only be issued by Woodland after an Interment Authorization Form has been signed and accepted by Woodland,  and this must be at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled service.

6.  An "Interment Order ' ' directing the grounds crew to open a space will not be issued by Woodland unless all Woodland merchandise and services are paid for,  or payment arrangements satisfactory to Woodland are approved.