Woodland Flag Retirement Repository

There are literally thousands of worn and tattered U. S.  and Ohio flags produced annually in the Miami Valley.  Governmental agencies,  fire and police,  businesses,  Boy and Girl Scout troops,  etc.,  all have need of respectful "retirement" for flags that are no longer a fitting emblem for display.

In 2010,  the Woodland Cemetery Grounds Crew took it upon themselves to develop a fitting location for the respectful retirement of these flags.  Hallowed ground in our Civil War Section was dedicated in 2011 to this purpose.  The central entry to the section was redesigned and a permanent underground flag chamber was installed.  It is used for the respectful burning of over 1000 area flags each Veterans' Day - November 11th.  An impressive ceremony is held at 11:00am on that day,  and the public is invited. Flags for retirement can be delivered to Woodland on any business day during business hours.

The drawing above depicts an arc of Service Branch Flags as well as the US Flag,  Veterans Flag and a Legion Flag in the foreground. These flags have been donated by individuals and organizations,  but the design is still incomplete. For a current list of flags still available for sponsorship, click here. Please consider sponsoring a flag in honor of your loved one or an organization.  Sponsorship includes a permanent bronze plaque at the base of each flag pole.  Call 228-3221 for Information.

Co-Sponsoring Organizations

Aside from the erection of flag poles,  the Woodland Flag Repository had several organizations that donated in excess of $1000 each to help with the project.  A plaque on the podium pays tribute to them for their assistance.  They are:

Am Legion Post 675
Ernst Concrete
Schumacher Crane
Mini Mix Concrete
Snyder Brick & Block
Gregory Stone
Coate Vault Co.