Cremation Services & Products

Cremation: Woodland was one of the very first Cemeteries in the Mid-West, if not the Nation to build a crematory "retort" or cremation chamber as a part of it's Community Mausoleum building in the 1960's. "Cremation" itself is the act of reducing by heat a human body to its most basic elements.

Woodland is registered and licensed as a crematory and cemetery, but not as a funeral home. Woodland completes cremations for families that prefer Woodland and for many of the area's leading funeral homes. Our staff will work with you to personalize and structure a cremation program and/or permanent memorial that is truly representative of your wishes and desires.

Some of the terminology that follows may be new to you, so please ask your Woodland Family Service Representative to clarify anything you do not understand.

The following link may provide additional insight: A Conversation About Cremation

Woodland offers many cremation and memorial options such as the purchase of an "Urn" into which the cremated remains can be placed for permanent memorialization and display. Once the cremated remains are placed in the urn, there are several options for permanent memorialization:

The Urn can be placed inside a personal memorial or monument, or entombed in a Crypt in our "Mausoleum."

The Urn can be permanently entombed in a "Niche" or space in our "Columbarium" (an area specifically for cremated remains).

It can be placed in an "Urn Vault" and interred either in a "Cremation Burial Lot" or in a full size burial space, depending on the preference of the deceased and/or the surviving family.

Our Family Service Representatives are specially trained and very knowledgeable. They can explain each of these options in detail to you.

Cremation Services Available:

Woodland offers an expanding list of options to it's cremation families, and encourages families to pre-arrange and pre-pay for selections before the need arises. For a full explanation of the advantages, click "Why Pre-Arrange". A list of services follow:

  • Cremation in Woodland's Cremation Chamber: Families are free to either arrange and pay for cremation in advance at Woodland, or to request of the funeral home that the cremation itself be completed at Woodland.
  • Cremation/Chapel Services: Families are free to use the Mausoleum Chapel for Memorial Services, Interment Services, Entombment Services, etc.
  • Entombment: When a Crypt or Niche needs to be opened and then re-sealed for an entombment, an "Entombment" or "Interment Fee" is charged unless the fee has been pre-arranged and pre-funded.
  • Ground Interment: When a family has purchased a cremation grave (see products below) or desires to bury an urn or cremation container on an existing burial lot, an "Urn Vault" is required to protect and encase the cremated remains.. An Opening and Closing or Interment Fee is also charged, unless this fee has been pre-arranged and pre-paid to our Preneed Trust Fund.
  • View our New Cremation Developments.

Note: Evening, weekend, and Holiday Services are available at additional overtime rates: See the Woodland Service Fee Schedule in the Office for details.

Urns and Keepsakes

Cremated remains are usually between 150 and 200 cubic inches in volume and weigh 4 to 5 pounds. They are placed in a plastic bag inside a plastic utility container for temporary storage and returned to the family unless the family has selected an "Urn" for permanent memorialization and display. Our trained crematory technicians will transfer the cremated remains for you into an urn or keepsake upon request. Urns are made of a variety of materials such as copper, bronze, wood, marble, crystal, glass, ceramic, cloisonne, pewter, etc. Woodland has an extensive display of urns and keepsakes, as well as catalogs of products available.

Urns are classified into 6 general types. Most can be engraved or have a plaque added to commemorate names and dates.

  • Niche Urns: Woodland has nearly 2000 niche spaces available for permanent display and/or memorilization of cremated remains. Some are "double", meaning 2 urns can be placed within. Some have glass fronts so the Urn is visible. Some have marble or bronze fronts. Sizes of niches vary, and families should be certain before purchasing an Urn that it will fit into the niche space selected. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with dimensions and options.
  • Burial Urns: Families who prefer earth burial have several options. They can purchase a full size grave space, with monument or marker. They can purchase a "cremation" lot which is smaller than a full size lot. In some cases, they can request that the cremated remains be buried on top of an existing burial vault previously buried. All of these options require that an "Urn Vault" be purchased to prevent collapse of the grave and protect the remains in case of disinterment. Woodland carries a full line of burial urns and urn vaults.
  • Home Urns: Many times families wish to memorialize their loved ones on a mantel or bookcase in their home. There are many beautiful and uniquely designed pieces (some rise to the level of being pieces of "art") specifically made to hold cremated remains. Woodland has a display of flag urns (veterans), clock urns, crystal urns, etc. that are worthy of display in the home. Many Urns have matching candle holders, vases, etc. and form a beautiful display in the home.
  • Keepsakes and Jewelry: Many families ask that a few grains of cremated remains be placed in smaller urns or even in necklaces or bracelets specifically designed for this purpose. These can be given to children or grandchildren, sisters and brothers, etc. in remembrance of the deceased. This is especially important when "scattering" is contemplated. Scattering is very final, and irreversible. Families are encouraged to consider this option carefully.
  • Scattering Urns: These urns are designed so that the top easily opens or slides in order to permit the cremated remains to be scattered in a memorial garden. Afterward, many families save the urn for use as a vase.

Re-Cap: Methods of Disposition

Woodland believes in the decent and respectful treatment of cremated remains. Many, many options are available ranging from simple scattering with memorial to placement in a niche or personal columbarium. We recently heard a disturbing statistic. That is, 70% of cremated remains returned to families end up in a closet, or basement or garage and are eventually disposed of without honor or ceremony. Woodland encourages families to consider and select some form of more respectful and permanent memorialization. Among the options are:

  • Placement in a Niche in a Columbarium inside the Woodland Mausoleum
  • Ground Burial, either in a cremation lot or full size lot; or buried with a loved one
  • Placement in a keepsake urn or jewelry and stored in a jewelry box or proudly worn
  • Permanent storage in a Family Estate Columbarium or Cremation Bench at the cemetery or in your back-yard (This will eventually result in relocation to Woodland when the home is sold)
  • Permanent placement in a niche or family estate at our "Look-Out" Columbarium overlooking the city.

All of these traditional forms of final disposition are personal choices that demonstrate the esteem and love and respect with which we hold our loved ones, family and friends. We believe every life deserves some kind of memorialization. Our staff would be honored to help you to decide which manner is most appropriate for you and your family.

Storage at Woodland

Temporary or Permanent Storage at Woodland: For families that are in the process of deciding what mode of final disposition is appropriate for them, or who wish to permanently "store" their cremated remains outside of their home, Woodland offers a secure, permanent, private storage area in a non-public area of the Mausoleum. A fee is charged for temporary or permanent storage in this facility. Families are secure in the knowledge that their cremated remains are numbered and stored for future retrieval via a probate court disinterment order.