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Volunteer Project News Release

One of the missions of the Arboretum Foundation is to educate the public about Woodland and its history. While we are proud to say that we have nearly 40 trained Tour Guides and Speakers, we are always welcoming more Volunteers. Woodland Volunteers conduct over 130 tours, events and speaking engagements annually, and this number is growing. We host thousands of guests every year who seek beauty, history, art, exercise and knowledge. Please join us in hosting these guests as a Volunteer.

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Help to maintain our membership database, update records, assist with membership communications and mailings, etc.

  Activities and Events

Help with the planning, organization and execution of Woodland's many yearly activities and events.

  Tour Guides

Be trained to serve as a tour guide for garden clubs, school classes and other groups with an interest in the historical, botanical, architectural or other aspects of Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum.

  Public Relations

Nurture and maintain contacts in the local print and electronic media to increase public awareness of Woodland, and to promote upcoming activities and events.

  Tree Inventory

Help to identify, number and label Woodland's trees which represent some 200 different species.


Work with the horticulturist and other volunteers to assist with the creation and maintenance of  Woodland's flower beds.

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