Adopt A Memorial Tree Program

We are often asked by families if it is possible to plant a tree in memory of their loved one. Combine this loving and environmentally responsible sentiment with our desire to re-populate our Arboretum after significant storm losses, and you have a merger of sentiment and need..

In response, we have launched a program where you can choose to either sponsor (adopt) hardwoods just planted in prominent positions around the cemetery or work with our arborist to select a tree and location of your choice for Fall planting.The trees are not "seedlings";  most planted are 10' to 15' tall with 2"to 3" diameter trunks.

Call for an appointment to visit and select the Memorial Tree type and site you wish to adopt: 937-222-1431

The information below is not professionally produced and is offered simply to give you an idea of available varieties and sites and costs. As time goes on, many of the trees listed on the maps below will already have been adopted and therefore will no longer be available. Our Family Service Representatives can tell you what trees are available on any given day.

Click here to Download and Print an Order Form